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. it is everywhere. john: does it make you feel safe the government spent 40 years studying the assault assault -- soap. do we need government to protect workers? >> absolutely. next? -- question. [laughter] >> good intentions and gone wrong. that is the show. tonight. john: politicians claimed they make life better to pass laws. they have good intentions but we should not judge by intention. politicians good intentions go wrong. work regulation. companies are not greedy they don't care about their workers but seems reasonable government has to protect them. almost everybody agrees. >> they should be protected. >> definitely. so many things could have been. corporations could be corrupt. the government should step been. john: that makes sense. so much beyond the workers' control. safety rules. what does a factory owner care? that is why we need occupational safety and health administration. it sets safety rules. they will show how the workplace deaths dropped since the beginning. thank goodness for government. except look at this graph. workplace death was dropped even before osha dropping just
have been sitting down face to face in a private room with john boehner and/or mitch mcconnell and hammering this thing out. building a relationship, building trust and trying to pull people together he was at a toy factory in pennsylvania. talking about the campaign modes and that's not how you negotiate and resolve these sort of issues. >> we know that barack obama speaks for democrats who speaks for republicans nowf? >> i think john boehner is the closest thing to a republican voice. he holds let's say the key to the lock. he is the most powerful republican in congress. my feeling is boehner wants to work something out. he has got to go home not only to his own constituents but every republicans in america and some in the house who aren't easy to pull along he he imant go to them and given up that tax bracket for the 2% and theying say what did you gte mr. baker? nothing yet. he can't do that with a straight face his own party will crucify him over that. >> over 50% that we fall off? >> i wouldn't have said that two weeks ago today. i think that's probably right and it's unn
, john stossel. >> politicians claim they make our lives better bypassing law. i assume they have good intentions but we shouldn't judge anything by intention. sometimes good intentions go wrong. tonight we start with workplace regulations. companies are greedy they want to make a buck so it seems reasonable government has to protect workers. everyone we asked agreed with that. >> i think we definitely do. there are so many things that could happen in a workplace and you have so many corporations that could be corrupt. so i think the government should step in and help out workers. >> that makes sense to people. there is so much beyond the worker's control. safety rules for example. what does the fabbing story worker care if he is injured on the joab. that's what we need oshea. it sets safety rules for factories. they are fond of showing people this graph of how workplace deaths dropped since the beginning of oshea. workplace injuries dropped at about the same rate. thank goodness for government. except look at this graph. what happens if you go back a few years. workplace deaths were d
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)